yoga for kids

For thousands of years, wisdom traditions have taught that the attention to the present moment has powerful positive effects on our health and well being. There are many methods to learn to pay attention to our experiences of the moment with an open mind and a kind look.

Consciousness comes in various forms. For children who know difficulties to focus, practice Yoga is a wonderful opening to the world of full conscience. yoga_kid1

More than ever, we are assailed by external stimuli, visual and hearing, the virtual connection … we forget to take time to focus on the inner world. And it is the same for children. This can be even more necessary for this generation that is often disconnected from themselves.

When we begin to expand our consciousness and look inside, we create specific circuits in the brain due to its regenerative power (status verified by science is called brain plasticity) that help us balance our emotions, focus our attention, to pause before acting on impulse and increase our compassion for others and for ourselves.

When we help our children learning the basics of Yoga as a game with lots of fun and laughs, we do not encourage them only to place and move their bodies in certain ways, but also to focus attention on body sensations. From there, a fabulous process starts. Better they learn to know themselves, yoga_kid3better they can understand themselves, understand others and connect to them. You make your children more control of their lives. And also much more happy! It’s not what you want for them? Make them more autonomous, able to master their bodies, their emotions, become master of their own destiny, realize their dreams, be happy for what they are, be open and generous to others?

If you still doubt of Yoga powers, come and have fun with them. Come see how they can evolve simply by becoming aware of their breathing and their bodies.




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– from 4 to 6 years old = discovery Yoga formula

– from 7 to 12 years old=little Yogi formula

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