specific course

We offer a specific course for everybody and for freedivers, Pranayama Yoga.

Pranayama Yoga is based on breathing. “Prana” means in Sanskrit vital energy. “Yama” means to control. It is a powerful Yoga which teaches us how to control the breathing and the range of vital energy. It is a way to reborn by the breath, to find the right balance. It is not only about breathing deeply, but to learn specific techniques.


It consists of a series of inspirations (puraka), expirations (rechaka) and retention of breath (kumbhaka). Regarding the distinct role of the phases of pranayama process, yogic tradition says puraka (inspiration) stimulates the body, rechaka (expiration) removes stale air with its associated energies, as well as toxins, and kumbhaka distributes the energy throughout the body. Pranayama techniques are used to control the movement of subtle energies in the body, resulting in increasing vitality in the body. However, the practice of these techniques is not insignificant. It is recommended to learn Pranayama under the supervision of a Yoga teacher.


Which benefices Pranayama can bring in your life ?

The mindful breathing is a nutrition.

The effects on the brain
– Calms the mind
– Physiological and vibration level: brings mental clarity, promotes discernment, positive problem solving
– Balance the two cerebral hemispheres
– Increased blood flow causes a better irrigation of the brain. Our brain breathing, 20% of the oxygen used there, making it the largest consumer of the body.

The body regeneration
– Fixed the energy in the air
– Promotes elimination of toxins through blood purification and mass vital organs
– Producing a tissue rejuvenation and promotes the healing process
– Provides a relaxing and perception of body tension

The emotional balance
– Calms the nervous system
– Directs and balances the psychic energies
– Developing a better balance between body – emotions – thoughts

tofs_yogaspecificDuring the class, you will see different techniques like asujjayi, kapalabathi, bastrika and many other but first you will learn the full breathing which starts in the abdominal part.

Pranayama is sometimes considered a dangerous method. Formerly, it was not the subject of public education, and was transmitted from master to student, according to their specific needs. Despite of the basic exercises that everyone can practice in accordance with the respiratory capacity, it seems desirable to adapt Pranayama to the individual possibilities.
Today, all branches of yoga have been generously disclosed. Pranayama is a technique that brings substantial changes in terms of energy and consciousness. It is therefore necessary to have a measured and gradual approach. It is a priceless ally that gives strength to move closer to self.