Mystical gorgeous islands ! French Polynesia is a real tropical gem in the South Pacific ! Coming here for a 2-3-5-7 days retreat in this enlightened location is a must to see and to be close to an incredible Nature. A best to discover and to meet the Polynesian culture. A best to take care of yourself with healthy high powerful food and to take time for yourself to focus deeply in your own Yoga and Meditation practice.



During those days, the schedule can combine specific classes :


-Accro Yoga/Partner Yoga

-Tantra Yoga

-Hasya Yoga

-Nidra Yoga

-Pranayama Yoga

-Vinyasa Yoga



-Apnea discovery/wildlife encounters

-Paragliding discovery : another way to discover yourself and our beautiful earth from the sky ! (we organize tandem for those interested 🙂 )


Please contact us for more informations about accommodations, prices and schedule.