The various courses offered below can be practiced in “group classes” formula, i.e. several people with specific weekly schedules (see program) or “private classes” formula which is a custom course, one or two people (please contact us for more information), which allows to further explore your body and your mind enjoying exclusive attention from the teacher.

What are the different Yoga classes offered ?

_Hatha_Hatha Yoga harmonizes and combines strength and flexibility in static asanas. In our practice we like to start the class with a series of Kriyas from the Kundalini Yoga. Very powerful practice for the awakening of consciousness and the rise of energy … The movements and breathing are very dynamic and make you reach your limits and thus reveal your power in your everyday activities .. We like this association between Hatha and Kundalini, we call this powerful mixture the warriors’ Yoga !

_Vinyasa Yoga classes_ Those are – energetic or soft – classes with a strong emphasis on following the breath as we flow from one pose to the next (with some flow asanas/kriya derived from Kundalini yoga). The focus is on supporting one another and creating good vibes, rather than competing or trying to keep up with the group. Proper alignment is taught to keep you safe, and participants are always invited to request poses, or ask for help at any time.tofs_yogaclasses

_Yin Yoga classes_ Yin Yoga is a cooling practice that accesses our deeper, connective, tissues – tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints. Yin restores health and vitality to these tissues by holding simple poses on the ground for long durations of time. Physically, yin is an excellent practice for building flexibility, and is a great balance for more dynamic yoga such as vinyasa, or for other energetic activities. Yin yoga is even better for our minds than it is for our bodies; this still, meditative practice helps develop a deep sense of calm and relieves stress, under the sound of the Tibetan singing bowl, which through its sound and vibration, allow a deeper connexion with your inner body.


_Meditation classes_We begin our meditation sessions by singing mantra (following syllables, or words, repeated a number of times at high or internalized voice). It is universal and is not restricted to a certain religion. The sound allows to benefit from the vibrations created to release tension and facilitate concentration and calming the mind. We offer a variety of meditation modalities to introduce people to meditation, and to deepen the practice of those with more experience. You are encouraged to notice your wandering minds and return your attention to the breath. Meditation is a constant practice. There is no expectation that you will sit in silence with perfectly quiet minds. Instead, the sessions give the opportunity to become aware of the fluctuations of your mind, and then mindfully redirect this awareness to the present moment.

_Pranayama Yoga_


_Yoga for kids