Yoga means to us freedom. Yoga is a very old Hindu philosophy (-5000 years) which teaches us how to connect body and mind (in sanskrit : योग ; yuj = union, yoke), how to master the vital functions of the body to free the mind of its constraints.


Yoga has its magic power. For whatever reason you start later you will look for any reason to never stop practicing.The more you spend time on your mat, the more you create a connexion with your deep being.

roue_chakkrasBy Swami Niranjan « Yoga is an ancient system of philosophy, life style and techniques that evolves the whole person, the physical, the vitality, the mind and emotions, wisdom, ethics and a higher quality of relationship, and the realization of the spiritual reality of each of us. »

In our Kumbaka home there are progressive classes to meet you exactly as you are in this moment to help you to develop your self-practice. By moving forward, one step at a time, one breath at a time, you will realize your most beautiful expression of yourself to become the person you want to be.

Kumbhaka means « air retention » in Sanskrit. The art of breathing is more powerful than we can imagine. In our school we love teaching and practicing Pranayama Yoga (not only cause it’s good for freediving). These breathing practices teach us how to control and expand the range of vital energy. Most of us don’t know breathe even if it’s automatic and voluntary. Automatic doesn’t mean necessarily efficient. We are not enough conscious of our breathing. The mindful breathing is a nutrition. It is not only to breathe deeply, but to learn specific techniques. It consists of a series of inspirations (puraka), expirations (rechaka) and retention of breath (kumbhaka). Pranayama techniques are used to control the movement of subtle energies in the body, resulting in increased vitality. However these techniques are not insignificant. It is adviced to learn pranayama under the supervision of a Yoga teacher. Being aware of the breathing help to be in the present and stay in the present. Of course in the beginning it’s quite tough, same for everybody, but the more you practice, the more you can control the flow of your thoughts, and the more your brain – the plasticity capacity of the brain – can work and can modify the negative patterns.

chakkras2Alternate yoga sessions by postures, asanas, with moments of active relaxation and active concentration like meditation allow us to stimulate the amplitude and breath awareness and also the conscience of our whole body by cleaning and activating the chakkras (energetic centers), a greater flexibility, strength and better posture. It prevents injuries and illnesses and strengthen overall sensation of feeling really good. Maybe you think that yoga is not for everyone. but only for flexible or ”spiritual” people ? No, Yoga is for everyone ! Yoga does not stop after the 90 or 120 minutes class. Yoga is in your life all the time. It’s a life style. It’s concerned with how we live our life with respect to our own personal health, hygiene and wellbeing, our personal environment, how we interact with other people, how we work and behave in general, our life as a learning process.

We learn to harmonize ourselves. During our Yoga classes (60, 90, 120 min) the practice is safe, accessible and engaging for everybody. Whatever your experience or your physical conditions are, we will support you in achieving your own purposes cleverly.


Apnea and Yoga are closely related, both bring well-being, comfort, challenge … They help to reconnect our body and our mind and we realize gradually endless possibilities that we are all able once that everything works all together.

Let’s be aware of our limitless by learning how to breathe and how to stay tuned in !!:)