special guest

Every year we organize and manage a special guest courses during one or two weeks. Those guests are world champion or world record holder famous in the freediving world !! Maybe you dream to meet them. Maybe it is an opportunity to learn from them and to go deeper in your passion.


The Italian Umberto Pelizzari


“Pelo” or “the maestro” is the most famous Italian professional freediver since the 80’s/90’s. Renowned through his numerous records in different disciplines, he created his own apnea education system in 1995 with Apnea Academy. He has been known in France through his story with Jacques Mayol and the precious teaching that he received from him. He stays nowadays one of the most experienced and charismatic freediver in the world !

All about his visit in tahiti here from the 1st of September to 8th 2016, photos of the courses and photos with the whales !