tofs_master-1The master course is designed to continue the training up beyond the level 3, to master the different techniques, body position, relaxation, equalization techniques, beyond 40m and to become assistant instructor Apnea Academy !!

It’s a four weeks course which will give you a lot of fun, good habits and good tricks, and more if you want to prepare yourself to become an instructor. You will become more independant and learn how to set up all the equipments, the buoy and the line.


tofs_master-2You will complete your knowledge and your skills by practicing a lot (techniques dives, fun dives with wildlife …). You will improve greatly your ability. You will better perform your relaxation techniques and thus staying longer and going deeper.

You will start to understand what means “being water” ! Cause we all are !



Initiation Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Master