Initiation Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Master


Freediving or Apnea (Apnoia meaning “without breathing” in Greek) is a very old activity, as ancient as humanity itself. People were diving with one breath in order to pick up their food.

In our modern times, we practice apnea for pleasure first. The great freedivers like Jacques Mayol or Umberto Pelizzari and many others, are used to say that the most important is not about the depth achieved or even the time. You start to be a real freediver when you start to forget that you are holding your breath. A big fusion between you and the water. A deep dive in your mind and your body. This beautiful evolution will allow you to learn proper techniques of relaxation and breathing. The breathing is the first thing to re-learn and to re-feel properly. You will see big changements in your life in many levels (relational, personnel, energetic). Combined with Yoga and meditation practice, it could be an amazing re-birth!

We offer two kind of courses : certified courses – Apnea Academy (the education system of the awesome Italian Umberto Pelizzari) and AIDA, from beginner to the master assistant instructor- and not certified courses, just a home-made course, according to the needs of everyone, an alternative way 🙂 and we love it !


Would you like to know this “amazing feeling of peace and lightness” ? In a safe and healthy practice you could become addict of these sensations. A new junkie of the blue depth. A way to learn breathing, to slow down, to play and to have fun, a way to discover yourself and to make peace (if you need!) with your mind and your body by learning how to control them and how to let them go in the same time.

Come and experience the blue magic ! Join the apnea family, join our Kumbaka family! ☺



Initiation Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Master