Breath hold survival course

In some sports such as surfing, kayaking or spearfishing, athletes and passionates operate in extreme environments. These extreme conditions may require additional training to improve their own safety and survival reflex.

Holding the breath and evolving under the water are inherent in the activity itself (spearfishing) or episodic depending on the conditions and level of practice (surfing, kayaking …). These immersion times are not always lived well and slow the progression.

The theoretical knowledge as respiratory physiology of apnea and the different techniques associated help to understand more easily the seconds or minutes spent under water without breathing and significantly help improve their confidence and skills.

Our school Kumbaka offers a two days course where all these aspects knowledge, safety, techniques are seen through a theoretical course, breathing and relaxation techniques, dry physical preparation (stretching, yoga), static apnea, risks and their preventions, rescue techniques, stress management.

survsurf_06survsurf_07During the second day, the famous   “washing machine stress test” validate these gains


and continues with the discovery of the practice of apnea on the line (free immersion, constant weight and variable weight) and opens another world. That the calm and relaxation.



The result is a better understanding of his body and away better management of the mind under extreme conditions not always desired.

The three key words: knowledge, confidence and skills … are the foundation for growth.

Terms of admission: to be in a good health condition (medical statement required), to be a good swimmer and to love being in water.

Duration and cost : Two  days, 8.30 am /4 pm, 22 000 CFP.

4 people max per instructor, included equipment, boat, water, fruits.