“Being closer to self, others and nature”.tof_team

That’s how we like to live here. In the privacy of our bodies and mind and into the arms of the marvelous sea mother. Immerse yourself in the letting go. Diving in the blue. Glide. Feel. Free yourself. Fully engage in appeasement.

On land as in water, yoga as apnea, bring their precious magical powers, magnificent schools of life. Schools of “letting go”? Let everything go and it works! Experimenting with your body. Dive deep into your concentration. Attention to its maximum. Day after day explore the paths of muscular relaxation and general healing. What beautiful gifts they teach us !.

Attention. Forgiveness. Peace. Confidence. Self-love … Love.


 The founder, Lili (41)

Lili is an experienced Apnea and Yoga teacher.

lil_yogWater and oceans are her first great inspirations. Born from an Andalusian maternal family living in the south of France since the 20s, Lili spends every summer holiday by the Mediterranean Sea in Sainte-Maxime. This sea particularly dear to her, offers her earliest memories of blue, bubbles, apnea and her first encounters with marine animals. Rocked by the Commandant Cousteau documentaries, the beautiful story of Jacques Mayol or Umberto Pelizzari, also daughter of “the Big Blue” (movie from 1988) and this generation shaken by this film, Lili wants to become a “doctor of nature.” She obtained her Master in 1999/2000 in marine biology and ecotoxicology by specializing in marine mammals at the University lil8of La Rochelle and Metz. From there she joined a photography school where she perfected her other passions for image and writing, and in 2001 became a freelance photographer author. She works for public and private institutions, publishers, agencies, magazines and local, national and international newspapers by publishing photos and stories. Globe-trotter, traveling lead her around the world, she adds to her shots, already underwater since 1997, those taken from the sky under her paraglider : 3elements photography was born.

In 2005/2006 a tragic event led her to withdraw to Nepal for photo reports but especially in order to overcome deep sorrow. Nepal completely changes her life. The Universe throws in her path the right people and this trip is a resurrection. So Yoga and Reiki are the mediators of the 180 ° turn. lil_yog3A big slap for a scientific rather cartesian that leads her to a new awareness of what may be the universal energy. She falls in love with Yoga Pranayama and the power of this practice yoga based on breath awareness. A year later in 2007, a paragliding accident leaves her seriously injured. Miraculously loan brushing paralysis, she heals and rehabilitates for several months through the water, Reiki and conscious breathing.

In 2010, in the same vein, she forms freediving and discovers in the same time Kundalini Yoga. lilpigLili followed a one-year program with her teacher, Sara Campbell, a meditation daily program. After several years of dedicated practice, living or working in Thailand, Egypt and Indonesia, she went to India to draw from the historical source of Yoga and feed both her practice and teaching. Ready to assemble her various skills in a new school, she got officially in 2014 her yoga teacher degree at Chandra Yoga International School with the masters Sushilji and Ninoji on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh, India.


From a passionate temperament, she continues her childhood dream and gathers all she likes to do, making people aware of the wonder, love and respect for nature through water, air and earth, photography and writing, apnea and yoga in its whole dimension, spiritual, energetic and therapeutic.

The Kumbaka school, apnea and yoga, created in 2015 and settled in the island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia, was born out of an intense desire to share with as many people as possible. Her enthusiasm for the Oriental culture and life experience led her to develop effective methods in the practice of Apnea and Yoga to help people to engage in a physical way of mindfulness. Convinced that the overall balance is achieved through an authentic and active lifestyle featuring a healthy food, today she guides her students into their practice to achieve profound healing in which everyone has the right through the presence in self and awareness of breath.


lil_yog2Lili teaches apnea since 2011, master instructor AIDA & Apnea Academy. (Thailand, Egypt, Indonesia, France). Practice diving since 1992 and began teaching in 2001 (BEES1, CMAS & PADI). Teaches Pranayama Yoga since 2011 in her current apnea courses and is officially Yoga teacher since 2014 RYS 200 Yoga Alliance (Hatha,  Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Pranayama).

2018-2019 – 200 hours – Teacher training / Integral Rebirthing Breathwork/the art and science of breathing consciously and correctly  in the Brahmananda yoga Ashram of San Francisco/ / With Mahendra Aka Briksha